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• Don’t Sleep – Lyfe Harris [@LyfeHarris]

I love how there is no formula to finding new talent. It’s unexpected and slightly exhilarating to lay eyes on a name and slowly explore one track, then a mixtape and next thing you know they’ve taken the number one spot in your recently play list. Here’s an example, Lyfe Harris. This LA based singer,…


• New Video: In The Shell – Gadda [@gaddamusic]

In Toronto, it seems that the younger musical generation have a grasp of what’s real. They are normally the first to call “bullshit.” Desperately seeking for truth within others and within themselves. Gadda is one of the few that seems pretty grounded and spiritually connected. He knows exactly what he wants and knows exactly what…

just john

• New Video: Brother Brother – Just John [@JustJohnForReal]

  The talented emergence that is Just John is someone who I’ve been very aware of. When he initially auditioned for the Known Unknown, I noticed a strangeness to him that was different and necessary but I couldn’t place him. After seeing this visual, I now understand that he is just not meant to be…

Wynter Gordon

• New Video: Everything Burns – The Righteous Young [@righteousyoung]

Since the emergence of alternative/experimental singer Wynter Gordon, I have always been enamoured with the fact that she is a REAL artist. No fillers. No foolishness. No flush. No gimmicks. Real shit. From beginning to end. Even her short-lived stint doing EDM was more authentic than many who try to “cross over.” She is about…



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